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Why Belonging to the Indiana Manufacturers Association Matters

  • It's an investment in your industry

  • IMA is a trusted resource for information/guidance

  • Opportunity to help develop policy affecting your industry

  • IMA can guide you through bureaucracy at the state and local levels

  • IMA provides cost-saving programs that often pay for your membership dues

  • IMA provides networking opportunities, connectedness with others in your industry

“As a global manufacturer with a flagship facility in Indiana, we see value in industry having a voice and the need for a venue that builds community among businesses. The IMA is a great example of how an association can do that. This past year we wanted to better understand the future of infrastructure, in particular the power grid, in Indiana.


​Not only was IMA able to help us understand the state’s vision for infrastructure and how they will continue to support it, but they also connected us with regional utility companies so we could understand their vision as well. Having the IMA as a resource is critical because not only do they support us, but more so because of the support they provide to the economic community that we are a part of.”  

            ~ Philip R. Rozenski
               Vice President Public Affairs

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