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Why Belonging to the Indiana Manufacturers Association Matters

By Chris Wallis, Director of Membership Development for the Indiana Manufacturers Association. Contact Chris at

People join organizations for a variety of reasons. Some are practical and some are very personal reasons. While some companies are looking for new networking opportunities to connect with those in their industry, others are looking to support, or even help develop specific legislation that directly affects their manufacturing business. Whatever your reason may be, the Indiana Manufacturers Association is here to help you accomplish your goals and support the manufacturing community in our state.

Take a look at some of the reasons why belonging to the Indiana Manufacturers Association matters now and to the future of our industry. Please join us as we work to strengthen the manufacturing movement in Indiana.

It is an investment in your specific industry! It shows your support for the overall mission of the association and the work they do for the good of your industry. It allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself and your own company. It provides a trusted resource to lean on for vital information and guidance. It offers an opportunity to get involved in helping to develop policy that affects your industry. It shows support for the legislative advocacy work that is done on behalf of the entire industry.

The work done by your trade association at the Statehouse often saves millions of dollars and makes it easier to do business in your state. It can guide you and help cut through the bureaucracy at the state and local levels. It provides an opportunity to take advantage of a variety of cost saving programs. The savings from these programs can often times pay for your membership dues. It provides educational programs, training, and resources. It provides networking opportunities with other industry professionals & a sense of connectedness. It says you are truly serious about your craft.

It says you are willing to help take an active role in securing the overall success of the industry that provides for your livelihood.

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