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Your IMA Membership: You've Paid for It, So Make the Most of It!

By Lori Martin, Membership Services Coordinator,

If you’ve taken the time to be a member of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, why not make the most of your membership? Here are a few ways you can put your membership to use:

1) Read the valuable information provided in IMA publications to stay up to date. The IMA is here to keep you informed about the ever-changing issues that affect your business.

2) Participate by joining a committee, attending events, taking advantage of discount programs, and advertising in publications. These are a few ways to get involved with your IMA.

3) Take advantage of IMA’s unlimited consultation. Call on the IMA staff to answer questions regarding taxation, union contracts, labor negotiations, leave policies, personnel records, wage-hour, health care questions, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and much more.

4) Use the IMA's online associate members directory. When manufacturing members require a product or service, they can use this page to connect with associate members who’ve invested in the industry.

5) Keep your company’s information up to date. Verify the information we have listed in our database for your company is correct. As a result, information is always delivered to the appropriate individual(s).

6) Add additional staff to the distribution list to receive IMA Information. The more your employees participate, the stronger your membership will become. We provide a wide range of information that can be useful to people in a variety of positions within your organization.

7) Let people know you are an IMA member. Proudly display your membership certificate in your lobby and post the IMA Logo on your website.

8) Provide us with feedback. This is your association, and we are here to serve you. Is there anything else you would like to see included as part of your membership?

Hopefully, the above will give you some ideas on how you can engage more actively via your membership. Thank you for supporting Indiana manufacturing and the IMA!

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