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"Why Should Any of This Matter to Me?"

Chris Wallis

By Chris Wallis, Director of Membership Development, IMA

This was a question that a prospect recently asked. Although this question came from a manufacturer, it could easily be asked of any trade organization. The answer is simple and direct: If you care about your own personal future & the future of your industry, then it is certainly in your best interest to keep an active eye on what your trade association is doing. Being well informed and up to date on the latest business issues affecting your company is a much better position from which to operate. The Indiana Manufacturers Association represents the interests of Hoosier manufacturers, both large and small, on all matters of public policy - the very industry that so many rely on for their livelihood.

So, while the 7,000-plus Indiana manufacturers and 500,000-plus Hoosiers employed in the industry focus on the day-to-day operations of their business, we will continue to stand watch. That means we watch over the legislative proceedings that will ultimately affect our industry. As you can see, looking out for the best interests of manufacturers at the Statehouse is not something we take lightly. Working diligently on the industry's behalf to promote quality manufacturing jobs and a pro-business environment that ensures it is easy to do business in our state is a big part of our mission. In short, the IMA keeps a major economic driver for the state vibrant and moving forward. It’s all in a day’s work at the IMA.

The IMA will remain steadfast in its mission to serve the manufacturers of our state, just as we have since 1901. All because you matter, your livelihood matters, and the future of our industry matters.

Our motto still holds true, even after 100-plus years: "What Indiana Makes, Makes Indiana" - and that should matter to Indiana manufacturers!

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