Below are questions posed by IMA Members to our staff. If you have a question, please email Andrew Berger at We will be adding to this list as more questions are posed, so check back often!

Q: What is the process/requirement for a business to certify that they are an essential operation?  


A: At this point, businesses are allowed to self-identify as an essential operation.  The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has been tasked as a source of guidance for businesses on this topic. The IEDC has claimed that they will respond to any inquiries within 12 hours.

Q: What documentation do businesses need?

A: No documentation is definitively needed. The IMA does recommend that essential businesses contact their suppliers, and vice versa, and provide written notification that a business is a supplier to an essential operation. 

Q: What documentation is required for employees to travel to and from work?

A: No documentation is definitively needed. The IMA does recommend that essential businesses provide a document for their employees that states they are an employee of an essential operation and are traveling to and from work.  Download an example by clicking HERE

Q: Is there a process for suppliers (that do not qualify as essential businesses but are necessary suppliers to essential businesses) to be certified as essential?

A: There is not a clear process. The Governor’s Executive Order does include suppliers of essential operations in the definition. As stated above, the IMA recommends essential businesses provide a letter to their suppliers.


Q: Does the state executive order supersede local ordinances?

A: Governor’s Office officials have told the IMA that the state Executive Order does supersede local ordinances in the areas that are addressed state EO, such as the definition of an essential business.

Q: What are the enforcement mechanisms/procedures and related penalties?

A: Currently, no enforcement of the stay-at-home order is expected as a policy matter. State statute does allow for citations or charges under the Emergency Disaster Law, which includes a Class B misdemeanor. 

Q: Who is in charge of coordinating and notifying local units of these policies?

A: For public safety officials – the Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana State Police.

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