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March 8, 2023 ● 10-11 a.m. EST

True or False? Every manufacturing organization is struggling with attracting and retaining employees. FALSE. 

If you thought that statement was true, you probably find yourself struggling to find and keep new employees. Have you asked yourself “where is my process breaking down?”

Or maybe you have optimistic new hires who show up the first day and then never return. Do you wonder what changed their attitude?

The reality for many organizations is that promotion from within can lead to the creation of “Bosses” who are the primary point of contact for new hires once they hit the floor. Many times, poor leadership (Bosses) chase these new hires right out the door never to return.

Join this workshop to explore:
Why and how a boss is developed instead of a leader 
How to shift out of being a boss and start becoming a leader
How a boss mentality directly relates to your organizational reputation in the community and affects how attractive you are to potential employees
The top four things all new and tenured employees want from leadership

Who Should Attend?
New or experienced managers and team leaders who want to develop or improve their management and communication skills. 

Date:  March 8, 2023

Time:  10-11 a.m. EST

Jeramiah Sinks
Senior Services Manager, Leadership Development
Purdue MEP

Jeremiah provides leadership training and consulting services including Employee Attraction & Retention focused services. He is directly involved in the development and implementation of the Leadership Development offerings. In addition, he provides Lean, Quality and OSHA training in public workshops as well as onsite at manufacturing locations across Indiana and is utilized as a keynote speaker for multiple conferences.

Jeremiah has experience in the automotive, mining, and construction industries. His background includes Continuous Improvement training and implementation, Quality System Development, Project & Contractor Management, and Senior Management Development for daily operations and culture building; including the managerial functions of Human Resources, Operations Plant Management, Purchasing, Maintenance & Reliability, Training, and EHS. He has written two books – “The Field Does Not Come to the Farmer: Leading Gen Y & Z” and “The Field Does Not Come to the Farmer: Great Management Leadership”.


Skills & Expertise:

  • Employee Attraction & Retention

  • Leadership Development

  • LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)

  • Lean Implementer

  • IATF/ISO QLA (Quality Lead Auditor)

  • OSHA Authorized Trainer for General Industry

  • MSHA Authorized Trainer


  • Operations Management

  • International Quality & Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing Management

  • Health & Safety Management

  • Continuous Improvement Management

  • Contractor Management

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